Less is More

Downsizing is the trend today. There are the empty nesters moving into a downtown condo, young families opting for a smaller space to care for, and everyone becoming more conscious of the “green factor” of living smaller. Younger families are looking for a simpler aesthetic for their furnishings and spaces. Their parents want to simplify and edit their lives, try a new simpler lifestyle, but they don’t want to compromise on the luxury to which they are accustomed. Both groups are looking for high-quality design.  A small space doesn’t need to feel cramped or boring. Using a few simple design guidelines, you can create a comfortable and cozy space.

  • Create a neutral background with simple wall and window treatments.
  • Stick to clean lines and simple shapes.
  • Stay away from clutter.
  • Add drama by using a few large pieces instead of many small pieces.
  • Use fewer, larger pieces of art.
  • Keep your space rich in texture.
  • Think cozy nook instead of too-tiny space.

Yanic Simard talks about the less-is-more approach in his article “How to Use Full-Scale Décor to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger.”