Design Trends – Blue, etc.

It’s amazing how many different lists there are telling us about the important design trends for 2015.  Each one has their own take on what’s happening, but reading through them gives you an overall feeling for what’s new and exciting and shows how much variety there is in the design world. Here are a few of my favorite trends:

1. Blue is very big this year- deep blue, navy blue, paisley blue, Greek blue, dusk blue, scuba blue, moody indigo, classic blue. Mix it up with olive green, marsala or white. Make it matte or glossy. Use it for walls, upholstery, accents. Since I love blue, I’m delighted that it’s back! I love the warmth of a room painted with deep, rich, intense blue, and it’s fun shopping for blue accessories!

2. Mixed metals, particularly in warm tones- rose gold, copper, brass, gold fixtures, gold leaf. If you are tired of silver and stainless steel, you will enjoy seeing these new options.

3. Patterned tile- geometric patterns and ethnic inspired patterns. These patterns are also spilling over into area rug designs.

4. Marble, cement and bluestone for counters and tabletops. This is a nice change from granite.

5. Organic shapes and natural influences. The natural world is a beautiful source of design inspiration!

6. Mixed materials- raw woods and resin or lacquer, glass and concrete, metal and marble. Wire frames for tables and light fixtures are big.

7. Hand-crafted, handmade, recycled, upcycled and environmentally conscious items. I love hand-crafted items. They add so much individuality and personality to your space, and it’s a great way to support local artists!

Che Bella Interiors talks about blue as a design trend on their blog. Read it here.
(Note that several of the photos in this article also include other examples of 2015 design trends.)