Huntington House Now at Unique By Design, Ltd.

We are excited to announce that we now represent Huntington House upholstery in our showroom. Huntington House offers an eclectic collection of beautifully designed frames for sofas, chairs, sectionals, dining chairs and ottomans, built to fit any style category.

Huntington House is known for their beautiful and diverse collection of fabrics and leathers that have been carefully selected from sources all over the world. Authentic linens from Ireland, rich velvets from Belgium, hand embroidered silks from India, luxurious chenille from Turkey, or beautifully designed tapestries from all over the US. Our fabric selection has a wonderful balance between style, color and texture.

FYI@IMS- Let’s Put ‘Living’ Back in the Living Room. Fashion. Comfort. Simplicity.
Come join us on Thursday, November 5th at 10:00 a.m. and enjoy a light breakfast as we launch the Huntington House line. Sales representative Dee Maas will present the Huntington House story, roll out the new fall offerings and introduce the fabric and leather collections.




Family Owned and made in North Carolina.
Huntington House was founded in 1982 as a family owned business, holding to the highest standard of excellence. Their choice to manufacture exclusively in North Carolina allows them to employ the most talented craftsmen in the industry, use the best materials, and apply timeless manufacturing techniques passed down from one generation to another. Their passion for quality, comfort and fashion has earned them a reputation of excellence.

New Partnership with Crypton Home.
Want another reason to reason to try Huntington House? How about a new fabric collection? Huntington House has created a new partnership with Crypton Home- the ultimate performance fabric! The fabrics in this new collection are durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. And you can depend on them to choose fashion-forward colors, patterns and textures that your customers will love!

SOLUTIONS. Design Your Own.
Any of the SOLUTIONS styles can be customized to accommodate your personal taste. Start by identifying a style that is comfortable to you with regard to seat depth and seat height, customize with your choice of base, arm and back, then select wood finishes, trims, and decorative upholstery treatments to make your furniture uniquely your own. With SOLUTIONS you can create furniture that fits YOUR taste, comfort, & lifestyle. The possibilities are endless

Quality Construction.
Each chair, sofa and loveseat is a masterpiece of comfort, beauty, and long lasting quality, using hardwood frame construction, eight-way hand tied support, hand cutting and sewing and 360 degree tailoring. Each piece is examined thoroughly for any imperfections and must meet the highest quality standards before being approved for shipment. After final inspection is complete, each item is placed on a heavy duty custom fitted cardboard tray, covered with a protective blanket, and shrink wrapped to insure safety during shipment.

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